Free international calls 0870 0745

Did you know free calls abroad are back?

A few years ago there was a service called Mobile Dial Through which was very successful. It was used by 1000s of people to get free calls abroad. At the time the access number was an 07 number, which was free with your inclusive minutes.

The service died out and free calls were no longer available. Services using five figure access codes became popular during 2013-2015. These offered cheap calls abroad by dialling an access code before the number you wished to call.

Fast forward to now… Because of the new ruling by Ofcom on 0870 numbers in 2015, many phone companies started to offer calls to 0870 numbers as part of their inclusive minutes. Prior to this only 01, 02 and 03 numbers were included.

Now 0870 numbers are included in many call packages, we can offer you free calls abroad. This works by dialling an 0870 access number, then entering the number you wish to call, just like the old mobile dial through service!

This service is now also available from Talk Talk using our 0745 number.

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