How to get free international calls from your mobile / landline

If you have inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers from your home, office or mobile phone then simply dial our access number now!

Free international calls from home office or mobile

Country list & and access numbers to use >

Step 1: Dial the access number
Step 2: Enter your full destination number followed by #
That’s it, enjoy your FREE* calls!

The access number will be charged at 13 pence per minute plus your network’s access charge if your tariff does not include calls to 0870 numbers.

Landline Providers with inclusive 0870 calls:

BT:Redial after 60 mins. Limit of 1000 mins and/or 150 calls per month.
Plusnet:Redial after 60 mins.
Post Office Home Phone:Redial after 60 mins
Sky Talk:Redial After 60 mins
SSE Talk:Redial after 70 mins. Limit of 1000 mins and 150 calls per month
Virgin Media Talk Plans:Redial after 60 mins

Mobile Providers with inclusive 0870 calls:

EE/T-Mobile/Orange:Add-on available for inclusive 08 calls (300 minutes) for £3 per month
Vodafone:Add-on available for inclusive 08 calls (300 minutes) for £3 per month
Virgin Mobile:30 days Sim-Only plans costing £10 per month and over



  • SKY: Click HERE and scroll down to “UK call rates”.
  • VODAFONE: Click HERE and scroll down to “Call a lot of 08 numbers?”
  • EE: Click HERE
  • BT: Click HERE
  • PlusNet: Click HERE
  • Post Office Home Phone: Click HERE. Scroll down and click “UK Calling Option”.
  • SSE: Click HERE then click on important information link

Most landline phone providers such as BT, Virgin, PlusNet, Sky, Post Office and others include calls to 0870 numbers as part of your inclusive bundles/minutes. This is also the case with many mobile phone providers such as Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, EE.

Service provider: Evolcom Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU
Helpline: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 08701869333

Please note: if your phone provider does not allow you to call 0870 numbers as part of your inclusive bundle/minutes then you will be charged at 13 pence per minute plus your network’s access charge. If you are in doubt please check with your provider prior to making a call or simply make a short call for less than a minute and check on your online bill details/breakdown to ensure that calls are FREE.
BT and most landlines providers charge for inclusive calls which are longer than 60 minutes, that’s for any numbers not just the 0870 numbers. If you are making a long call please hang up after 59 minutes and re-dial. Do not exceed 1000 minutes per month or 100 calls per month as your provider may charge you if you exceed those limits. We cannot accept liability for any charge incurred while using this service. IF YOU WANT TO CALL FOR MORE THAN 500 MINUTES PER WEEK PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.

By using this service you agree to receive marketing via SMS or other forms that the provider of this service may use from time to time. This may include but not be limited to providing new access numbers for your service or other related telecoms service. At no point is the provider of this service liable for costs that may be incurred by you with your mobile or landline service provider. By using this service you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated and anyone failing to do so, will be barred from this and any other service in future. We will not pass phone numbers to any other organisation. This service is provided in good faith, however if the operators exclude or start charging these numbers then this service will be terminated with no notice. Please do not use this service if you cannot agree to this.

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