Free international calls with Talk Talk

We have a new 07 number which Talk Talk customers can use to make free calls

Talk Talk customers cannot use our 0870 number to make free international calls, therefore we have recently released a new access number 0745 231 5104 which you can use.

The number is only currently available to Pakistan, Bangladesh & India. If you are calling one of these countries

Step 1: Dial the access number 0745 231 5104

Step 2: Enter your full destination number followed by #
That’s it, enjoy your FREE* calls!

Information & how to get free 0870 calls >


Who are TalkTalk?

TalkTalk are a well known telecoms and broadband company. You may be using Talk Talk for your home phone line rental, call package and broadband. Talk Talk offer complete packages which include all the services for one monthly fee.

The line rental part of the package is for the line which you use for both calls and your broadband connection. In many cases this line is owned by BT Openreach, the wholesale part of BT. Talk Talk then lease the line from BT and sell it to you along with the call and broadband service.

You may have a package which includes “line only” with your broadband. This means you only have the line, no call package. If you have a call package you may have “evening & weekend” or “anytime” UK calls free. Often this is when calls to our access number are free as they are included in your package.

The broadband part is for your internet connection. This may be standard broadband or fibre broadband. Many packages include speeds of “up to 38mb” or faster. With old copper cables you will only get what your cable is capable of, however we are now starting to see “full fibre” and “ultrafast”. This is provided through fibre cables right to the property and is MUCH faster.

Which country are you calling?