Cheap or Free calls to India

Do you call India?

India is one of our top destinations on all of our services and has been for quite some time. 1000’s of minutes of calls a month are from users calling India, Pakistan etc. These callers are spending hours talking to friends, family or business colleagues in India.

They could be calling home or calling relatives to update them on the latest family news, a marriage, a baby born, or just to keep in touch! Or they could be students calling their parents / friends back home in India if studying in the UK.

Alternatively, these calls could be business men/women in the Uk using our service to call partnership companies in India, parent companies or customers.

Whoever these users are, they are saving £100s on their phone calls by using one of our services. They have the convenience of making international calls any time of the day or night without having to worry how much the call is costing them.

Imagine using your mobile operator or landline service provider to make the same call, you’d be thinking, “better make it quick”, “better keep the call short”, always conscious of the cost.

So if you are calling India without using our service and think it’s just too cheap to be true, then just try it and start chatting. Tomorrow, go online or call your phone provider, ask them what charge is on your bill.

Which country are you calling?